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    33Fuel Chia Energy Gel, 10-pack

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Powerful Results
    • No Stomach Trouble
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    Product Description

    Chia Energy Gel 

    Completely natural, our Chia Energy Gels deliver pure and stable energy for as long as you need with zero stomach trouble and awesome taste. Handmade in the UK and tested to the limit in Europe’s toughest endurance events, we are proud and honored to bring our groundbreaking gels to American athletes.

    Inside every 33Fuel Chia Energy Gel you will find

    - Our naturally powerful Extreme Endurance™ chia blend of carbs, proteins, Omega-3s and antioxidants

    - A complete endurance fuel source with 90 calories of insane nutrient density

    - Natural, low-GI carbs for stable energy levels - kiss goodbye to the peaks and troughs of traditional gels

    - Great fresh taste. Pure wholefood ingredients mean your first Chia Energy Gel tastes as good as your last, whatever your distance

    - A completely natural electrolyte blend including Himalayan pink salt

    You will not find

    - Anything artificial

    - Any junk at all

    Useful info

    All 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels are supplied dry to keep our precious chia whole - processing destroys chia's incredible nutritional properties. We never mess with ours

    To prepare your gels simply pop the resealable spout, inflate the pouch fully, then add your choice of water, coconut water or fruit juice. Mix well, and leave for ten minutes as the chia absorbs the liquid to naturally form a gel. Your gel is now ready and will keep for 24 hours.

    Prepare gels pre-race or session when every second counts, or if weight-saving matters more - such as in multi-day events - carry them dry to pack more nutrition for less weight then prepare as needed along the way.

    Real food, eat soon

    These are fresh, handmade, natural products with no preservatives, they are real food! Shelf life is naturally shorter than ordinary sports nutrition products - expect three months from date of order. All gels are freshly handmade in the UK.

    ©33Fuel® 2018

    Fueling limitless performance since 2012

    33Fuel Chia Energy Gel Ingredients
    Organic Chia Seeds • Coconut palm sugar • Organic vanilla • Himalayan pink salt

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g per Gel (21g)
    Energy 1882KJ/450Kcal 376KJ/ 90Kcal
    Protein 11g 2.2g
    Carbohydrate 56g 11.2g
    Of which sugars 30gg 6g
    Fat 20g 4g
    Of which saturates 2g 0.4g
    Fibre 25g 5g
    Sodium 515mg 17.6mg
    Potassium 515mg 103mg
    Calcium 5.5mg 1.1mg

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    1. Tasty treat during 100k

      Posted by Jeff M on Mar 4th 2018

      I ordered the 33 Shake gels to use at the Sean O'Brian 100k. I had tried one of the gels once before on a training run but had not used them for race fuel. It was hot that day and I was having trouble eating regular food. The 33 Shake gels were easy to get down and kept me fueled throughout the day. It was easy to add water to the pack when I got to each aid station, put it in my pack to set, and gulped it down after about 10-20 minutes. The are always some chia seed that are still in the pack but you can do a second fill of the pack with water and get a second helping. They are very tasty too. Not too sweet. I used about 5-6 during the race. Glad I had them!

    2. I did not gag after 4+ hours of running

      Posted by Chris on Mar 4th 2018

      I’ve listened to Warren many times on trailrunnernation. I like his no nonsense reviews of all the bad crap we trailrunners ingest. I’ve literally tried every gel on the market, but like Warren says, they all make you gag after a certain period of time. I was skeptical of 33 shake, but I gave it a shot. I can’t say it was love at first taste, but it certainly lived up to its billing. It did not make me gag nor did it taste like a sugar bomb. I like the fact that I have to chew it a bit which sort of simulates a real eating experience. It also has no aftertaste. In my experiment of one, I would also add that when I use the product for my long training runs, I feel like my recovery is faster. I’m not sure if that is the chia seeds or not. I recommend if you are looking for a change, try the gel.

    3. The best natural energy gel HANDS DOWN

      Posted by Phil on Feb 23rd 2018

      Super easy to use, and great tasting. I mix them up the night before with DrinkMaple maple water so they are ready to go bright and early. They really hit the spot when you need a boost

    4. Used only one pouch, but already fel in love

      Posted by wiksp on Feb 5th 2018

      I've only used one pouch during a longish 25k run.
      The taste is great, not to sweet and easily to consume during the run.

      Great advantage was that I did not have to ate it all as it can be closed and stored for later moments in the race.

      Definitely can see the potential to replace the regular gels used during the runs

    5. Tasty

      Posted by Michelle on Oct 20th 2017

      This is my first time using this type of product. I like the fact that you can carry less weight by adding the water yourself but it takes a little practice to do it and I can't seem to get all the gel our of the package at the end. I try to refill it with a little more water and move it around to solve that. I would suggest a different type of shipping to long distance locations as my package arrived with a bunch of grainy/sandy particles inside from the pouches releasing some of their contents from the mishandling of the package carriers. I noticed that the expiration date on all product read Dec 2017 so I called to get clarification but no one answered. I left a message and did not receive a call back. I assume I will eat them all by then at this point so won't worry to much.

    Showing reviews 1-5 of 24 | Next

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