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    33Fuel Chia Energy Gel, 10-pack

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Powerful Results
    • No Stomach Trouble
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    Product Description

    Chia Energy Gel 

    Completely natural, our Chia Energy Gels deliver pure and stable energy for as long as you need with zero stomach trouble and awesome taste. Handmade in the UK and tested to the limit in Europe’s toughest endurance events, we are proud and honored to bring our groundbreaking gels to American athletes.

    Inside every 33Fuel Chia Energy Gel you will find

    - Our naturally powerful Extreme Endurance™ chia blend of carbs, proteins, Omega-3s and antioxidants

    - A complete endurance fuel source with 90 calories of insane nutrient density

    - Natural, low-GI carbs for stable energy levels - kiss goodbye to the peaks and troughs of traditional gels

    - Great fresh taste. Pure wholefood ingredients mean your first Chia Energy Gel tastes as good as your last, whatever your distance

    - A completely natural electrolyte blend including Himalayan pink salt

    You will not find

    - Anything artificial

    - Any junk at all

    Useful info

    All 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels are supplied dry to keep our precious chia whole - processing destroys chia's incredible nutritional properties. We never mess with ours

    To prepare your gels simply pop the resealable spout, inflate the pouch fully, then add your choice of water, coconut water or fruit juice. Mix well, and leave for ten minutes as the chia absorbs the liquid to naturally form a gel. Your gel is now ready and will keep for 24 hours.

    Prepare gels pre-race or session when every second counts, or if weight-saving matters more - such as in multi-day events - carry them dry to pack more nutrition for less weight then prepare as needed along the way.

    Real food, eat soon

    These are fresh, handmade, natural products with no preservatives, they are real food! Shelf life is naturally shorter than ordinary sports nutrition products - expect three months from date of order. All gels are freshly handmade in the UK.

    ©33Fuel® 2018

    Fueling limitless performance since 2012

    33Fuel Chia Energy Gel Ingredients
    Organic Chia Seeds • Coconut palm sugar • Organic vanilla • Himalayan pink salt

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g per Gel (21g)
    Energy 1882KJ/450Kcal 376KJ/ 90Kcal
    Protein 11g 2.2g
    Carbohydrate 56g 11.2g
    Of which sugars 30gg 6g
    Fat 20g 4g
    Of which saturates 2g 0.4g
    Fibre 25g 5g
    Sodium 515mg 17.6mg
    Potassium 515mg 103mg
    Calcium 5.5mg 1.1mg

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    1. Great "real-food' fuel

      Posted by Eddy Ruble on Jul 11th 2016

      I've followed the 33 Shake American tour on Trail Runner Nation Podcast so was anxious to try out this "real-food" blend as fuel for long runs. I've only tried a couple on moderate 3 hour runs and found they taste good and easy to use. I'm putting in another order to take with me to Colorado for Leadville 100 training. I travel globally and like the fact the packet comes dry and compact -- you just add water and shake when ready to use. This would be excellent fuel for multi-day events or treks where you have to carry your supplies. I'm pleased with the product so far.

    2. Great new product!

      Posted by Scott on Jun 2nd 2016

      Used the 33 Shake Chia product for a 50k last week. It was pretty good--tasty, easy on the gut, and I felt renewed energy quickly after using it. The thing I liked best was the screw on cap. This makes it so that you can stick it in your pocket, take a squirt, cap it, stick it back in your pocket and keep on running. You can grab another squirt a few minutes later. You don't have to suck it all down once you open it up like is the case with other gels. Overall this is a great new product and I am ordering enough for the remainder of my race season. I plan to switch completely from gels to this product. Thanks Warren and Erica!

    3. Can't wait to try it again

      Posted by Unknown on May 18th 2016

      I felt better after my last half, using the gel, than I ever had before. The weather was good but I also attribute it to these. They were mixed with tart cherry juice, and had a very good taste. Love the packaging as I can take some as I need to, put the lid back on and save for later.

    4. Perfect for Long Events

      Posted by Shawn Barton on May 17th 2016

      I did a 50 mile trail race over the weekend and was a little hesitant about trying something new so close to the race. To play it safe I packed half 33Shake gels and half traditional gels. For the first 25 miles I found myself grabbing for those chia-filled gels instead. They tasted great and were really easy to eat while on the move. My only regret was not mixing more to have in my drop bag for the second half of the race.

      They really provided the energy I needed and caused no stomach issues the entire time. I will definitely order these as primary nutrition for future races. Great product!

    5. Even!

      Posted by rick on May 13th 2016

      I like how even I stay through a run, no ups and downs on energy

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