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    33Shake Chia Energy Gel, 10-pack

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    Product Description

    Chia Energy Gel

    Completely natural, our Chia Energy Gels deliver pure and stable energy for as long as you need with zero stomach trouble and awesome taste. Handmade in the UK and tested to the limit in Europe’s toughest endurance events, we are proud and honored to bring our groundbreaking gels to American athletes.

    Inside every 33Shake Chia Energy Gel you will find

    - Our naturally powerful Extreme Endurance™ chia blend of carbs, proteins, Omega-3s and antioxidants

    - A complete endurance fuel source with 90 calories of insane nutrient density

    - Natural, low-GI carbs for stable energy levels - kiss goodbye to the peaks and troughs of traditional gels

    - Great fresh taste. Pure wholefood ingredients mean your first Chia Energy Gel tastes as good as your last, whatever your distance

    - A completely natural electrolyte blend including Himalayan pink salt

    You will not find

    - Anything artificial

    - Any junk at all

    Useful info

    All 33Shake Chia Energy Gels are supplied dry to keep our precious chia whole - processing destroys chia's incredible nutritional properties. We never mess with ours

    To prepare your gels simply pop the resealable spout, inflate the pouch fully, then add your choice of water, coconut water or fruit juice. Mix well, and leave for ten minutes as the chia absorbs the liquid to naturally form a gel. Your gel is now ready and will keep for 24 hours.

    Prepare gels pre-race or session when every second counts, or if weight-saving matters more - such as in multi-day events - carry them dry to pack more nutrition for less weight then prepare as needed along the way.

    Real food, eat soon

    These are fresh, handmade, natural products with no preservatives - they are real food and they last like real food too. Shelf life is naturally shorter than other sports nutrition products containing a high volume of artificial junk. All gels are freshly handmade in the UK.


    ©33Shake® 2017

    Fueling limitless performance since 2012

    Product Reviews

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    1. Great product

      Posted by Pam S on Oct 2nd 2016

      I heard about this product on a podcast and was really interested in trying it. I like energy gels but they are so messy. This product has a screw on cap and is really quite tasty. I have only used it on a long run but am looking forward to seeing how it does on a bike ride.

    2. The gel is a great change of pace

      Posted by Steven Crawford on Oct 1st 2016

      Instead of shoving a sugary goo down my throat, I have started to use 33Shake. The change in texture and taste is much better than the stuff I had been "eating". I am looking forward to using 33Shake on my first 100 miler as it is easy on my stomach and works.

    3. Real Food, Real Good

      Posted by Tony Konvalin on Sep 9th 2016

      Having been a gel and carb guy for so long when I changed to a LCHF diet it became harder to find what works best for longer runs and races and is as close to real food as possible. Well I heard a podcast with Warren on 33Shake Gels and it got my interest so I ordered a 10 Pack.

      Most gels are way too sweet and made more in a lab than from more natural resources. So the real first test was taste. My first try I only let it set for 10 minutes and made the mistake of squeezing the packet and got a chia bath. So the next time I was much wiser and not only let it set up longer but made sure I sucked it out more than just squeezing - success.

      First impression was it was the best tasting gel to date and I have tried most of them. Since getting the gels I have not run over 3 hours so I have not given them the best test yet but I did take one 1.5-2 hours into a 3 hour run that was solely fueled on my version of Bullet Proof coffee and some of another product I like for pre-long runs that is a very slow release sugar. While I do like the other product for pre-run I want something to carry for later in the run and 33Shake fits that bill. In taking them 1.5 hours in I did not get any sugar spikes or GI distress, all good things. Truth is the best thing is I did not notice much of anything in that my energy stayed pretty even and that is what I am for since energy surges usually lead to equal crashes.

      I have since also used these with only my special coffee mix first and still seem to work fine but I take them earlier. I have also used them prior to a workout in the afternoon after a long day ant work with good success. Still have to do some more testing of how many and how often to take them for my up coming Marathon in November and first 50 Miler in March of 2017 but 33Shake will be part of my race nutrition plan in the future.

    4. Outstanding Product!

      Posted by Jawn Angus on Aug 19th 2016

      These are easy to use, they taste good, & the ingredients are pure. Doesn't get easier than that. Thanks!

    5. Great "real-food' fuel

      Posted by Eddy Ruble on Jul 11th 2016

      I've followed the 33 Shake American tour on Trail Runner Nation Podcast so was anxious to try out this "real-food" blend as fuel for long runs. I've only tried a couple on moderate 3 hour runs and found they taste good and easy to use. I'm putting in another order to take with me to Colorado for Leadville 100 training. I travel globally and like the fact the packet comes dry and compact -- you just add water and shake when ready to use. This would be excellent fuel for multi-day events or treks where you have to carry your supplies. I'm pleased with the product so far.

    Showing reviews 1-5 of 18 | Next

    Product Videos

    How to prepare your 33Shake Chia Energy Gel 00:45

    Our groundbreaking, plant-based Chia Energy Gels are designed for stable energy, zero stomach trouble and awesome taste. To minimise weight while maximising nutrition, all Chia Energy Gels need hydrating to prepare. It's fast and simple and in this video 33Shake ultra-endurance athlete Luke Tyburski shows you how. For shorter events, prepare in advance and use like any other gel, for longer and multi-day events where weight-saving is key consider preparing on the go. Add water for a traditional blend, fruit juice for increased carbs, or even fresh coffee for a caffeine hit. With 33Shake's Chia Gel, one gel now covers every gel you need.

    • How to prepare...
      Our groundbreaking, plant-based Chia Energy Gels are designed ...