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    33Shake Elite Pre & Post Workout Shake, 10-pack

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Powerful Results
    • No Stomach Trouble
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    Product Description

    Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes 

    You are in for a treat and so is your performance. Sports nutrition never tasted so good, performed so well or delivered so much.

    Packed with the the world's 33 most powerful superfoods for endurance performance, our Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes deliver everything to raise your game to a whole new level. Wherever you are today, if you're serious about raising the bar these Shakes are for you. 

    Proudly handmade in the UK using only the highest-quality and most powerful natural ingredients, our Elite Shakes have been supporting European endurance athletes in reaching new performance heights for years. We are stoked to have them available in the America at last.

    Each 10-pack contains ten single-serve Shakes, each perfectly calibrated to deliver the performance in you need in one handy, tasty serving. 

    Use before hard training sessions or races as the ultimate power up, use afterwards for a whole new level in recovery

     Inside every one of our Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes, you will find

    • Perfect natural proteins like spirulina and hemp. Hello strong, restorative recovery
    • Nature's finest good fats from sources including hemp and flax. Boost your natural ability to burn fat and create stable, long-lasting energy
    • Natural alkalysers including barley grass and chlorella. Welcome to a stronger immune system - train hard, race hard, don't get sick
    • Natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric and green coffee. Ease post-racing and post-training stiffness fast
    • Potent natural antioxidants. Clear the damage done internally by heavy training and racing quickly and powerfully
    • 100% low-GI natural sugars. Natural power, no sugar spikes or crashes
    • And amazing taste. Included as standard with every Shake!

    You will not find

    • Any artificial flavourings, fillers, sweeteners, colours, additives or preservatives

    Useful info

    All 33Shake Pre and Elite Post Workout Shake 10-packs are supplied as a selection of all three flavours - Original, Cacao and Mocha. Original is the first version we ever made and is a stone cold rock star, Cacao is powerfully decadent with its indulgent raw chocolate hit, while Mocha blends Cacao's with a fine coffee shot. Mmm hmm!

    These are fresh, handmade, natural products with no preservatives and shelf life is shorter than ordinary processed sports nutrition products you may have used before - this is real food! All 33Shake Pre and Post Workout Shakes are freshly handmade to maximise shelf life - expect a minimum of three months from date of delivery.

    Elite Pre and Post Workout Shake Ingredients
    All Shakes contain the same 31 core ingredients in our unique Pure Endurance Formula™ for maximum nutritional benefit. We then add 2 bonus ingredients to create each flavour and deliver even more nutritional bang for buck. Original Flavour gains Organic Cordyceps and Organic Broccoli, Mocha Flavour gains Organic Coffee and Organic Raw Cacao, Cacao Flavour gains Organic Raw Cacao and Organic Carob.

    33Shake Pure Endurance Formula™ Organic Pumpkin Protein • Organic Sunflower Protein • Organic Flaxseed • Organic Hemp Seeds (de-shelled) • Organic Almonds • Organic Coconut • Gluten Free Jumbo Oats • Goji Berries • Organic Walnuts • Birch Tree Sugar • Organic Coconut Palm Sugar • Organic Sesame Seeds • Cranberries • Organic Maca • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon • Organic Pumpkin Seeds • Organic Incan Berries • Blueberries • Nutritional Yeast • Organic Spirulina • Baking soda • Organic Turmeric • Organic Acai • Organic Reishi Mushroom • Organic Barley Grass • Organic Green Coffee • Organic Ginseng • Organic Chlorella • Chia Seeds • Beetroot • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g 70g portion
    Energy 2054KJ/ 491Kcal 1438KJ/ 340Kcal
    Protein 24g 17g
    Carbohydrate 47g 33g
    Of which sugars 21g 15g
    Fat 26g 18g
    Of which saturates 7g 5g
    Fibre 9g 6g
    Sodium Trace Trace


    ©33Shake 2018

    Fueling limitless performance since 2012 


    Product Reviews

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    1. Tasty

      Posted by Charles on Sep 18th 2017

      I've been testing this on early morning long runs with great results. I seem to be able to drink it soon before starting and then have plenty of energy. Tastes good and has a real texture.

    2. filling

      Posted by H Turner on Feb 24th 2017

      This replaced my energy and satisfied my hunger immediately after a long training run. I added a banana and Almond milk, this made it quite thick so I might skip the banana next time. Mocha wasn't my favourite flavour but I'm looking forward to the chocolate one.

    3. Perfect after exercise

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 24th 2017

      Not used prior to a workout, but had a shake mixed with water and banana after 3km swim. That was all I needed, tasted great and I felt no other hunger pangs. Will definitely keep using these products

    4. Tastiest thing I've ever eaten!

      Posted by Mike Farrell on Feb 24th 2017

      I am a returning customer and have offered reviews before on both the chia gels (superb) and recovery shakes. The reason for this follow up review is to offer a little tip. The recovery shakes not only make you feel like you've done your body a big favour, but they are very tasty. I have recently made a small change in mixing that has transformed them to literally the tastiest thing I've ever eaten. I started with the mocha shake and added a teaspoon of cinnamon (to shuttle glucose into my glycogen stores) and then blended with 250ml organic kefir. If you haven't tried this, you really must! It is just incredibly tasty, feeds your microbiome and gives you a much better recovery than a whey protein shake could ever achieve

    5. Always excellent!

      Posted by Peter Wright on Feb 24th 2017

      As ever the purchase of some 33Shakes goodies never fails to disappoint. Easy ordering, followed by swift delivery - then a product which gets me through long matches or early training sessions!

    Showing reviews 1-5 of 8 | Next

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