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    How do I prepare my Chia Energy Gel?

    To prepare your gel unscrew the spout and inflate the sachet. Add water to the neck, reseal and shake very well. Now leave for ten minutes, allowing the gel contents to absorb the water and naturally form an awesome gel. Your Chia Energy Gel is now ready and will last for 24 hours.

    Either prepare in advance of your race or session and use like any other gel, or for more extreme events and multi-day races where weight-saving is vital, consider carrying your Chia Energy Gels dry and preparing as you go. This allows you to carry more nutrition for less weight. #winning


    Why do you supply your Chia Energy Gels dry?

    It means we can keep our amazing chia seeds whole - processing or powdering destroys many of chia's vital nutrients

    It saves us shipping tons of water around the globe unnecessarily. Much better for the planet, and cheaper shipping costs for you too

    It gives you the most versatile gel in the world (see 'Do I have to use water to prepare my Chia Energy Gel' below)


    Do I have to use water to prepare my Chia Energy Gel?

    Not at all, we simply recommend using water if you are using our gels for the first time. After that you can get as creative as you like - this is the most versatile gel in the world. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

    Want more carbs? Use apple or pineapple juice

    Want more electrolytes? Use coconut water

    Want caffeine? Add a shot of freshly-made espresso

    Want your gel thicker or runnier, depending on race conditions? Simply add more or less of your chosen mixer

    The days of buying multiple gels to clog your kit boxes and cupboards are gone. Our gel is every gel you'll ever need, all in one tasty package


    Can chia seeds help regulate hydration?

    Absolutely. Each chia seed absorbs many times its bodyweight in water as it naturally forms a gel. Inside the stomach, this liquid is released gradually as the gel is digested, helping regulate hydration. This is because nature rocks


    There are still small bits in my gel, is this normal?

    Completely. These are just tiny pieces of softened shell and are jam-packed with endurance nutrition goodness - they are there to be savored


    How long will my gel last after preparation?

    All of our gels will last for 24 hours after preparation.

    Make them in advance of your race or session and use like any other gel, or for longer and multi-day events where weight-saving is vital, consider carrying them dry and preparing as you go to maximise your nutritional bang for buck while slashing weight carried


    Why are your Best Before End (BBE) dates shorter than other gels?

    We only use the best whole and natural ingredients in our Chia Energy Gels because this is where real performance gains are found. This means no additives, preservatives or any other artificial nasties. Ever. These gels are real food which means they last like real food too


    Why do your gels have fewer carbs than others?

    Focusing on carbs misses focus on nutrient density, and it's nutrient density that makes all the difference in endurance. Each Chia Energy Gel packs 90 calories dedicated to your performance and nutrient density is off the charts compared with any other gel - you will feel the difference. Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say here. Or why not put them to the test yourself? With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


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