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By procuring the very best natural performance foods available, 33Shake has kickstarted a revolution in sports nutrition
Avoid a sugar crash with 33Shake’s Chia Energy Gel, designed for a sustained energy boost
33Shake Chia Energy Gels are all-natural energy
Performance-boosting power with good taste, while avoiding any potential gut disruption and sugar spikes
Love the product, Bradley
33Shake Chia Energy Gel. Nothing here to tie your stomach in knots
A whole new way of fueling your run, we’re hugely impressed by the clean and sustained energy from these gels. RunningMonkey’s fuel of choice
Cycle Guy, my 55mph descent into terror with Mark Cavendish
33Shake stands head and shoulders above anything on the market
33Shake Chia Energy Gel – a natural powerhouse of protein, omega-3s, antioxidants and carbs. A great endurance fuel with no nasty energy spikes or troughs
33Shake’s Chia Energy Gels are markedly different and remarkably palatable
Running fuel for sensitive stomachs. 33Shake provides an all-natural alternative to race fueling
33Shake provides sportsfolk with a 100% natural blend of essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants to support hard training and bolster endurance
For a gel that’s tasty and easy to digest 33Shake Chia Energy Gels are recommended
Natural go-faster fuel, mixing 33Shake Chia Energy Gel with coconut water is a favourite combination of ours
33Shake Chia Energy Gel will fuel you cleanly as long as you want to go… We have never felt or performed better
If you’re looking for seriously effective nutrition to complement endurance, 33Shake is hard to beat
33Shake co-founder takes on the Abu Dhabi triathlon for MF
33Shake get a big thumbs up from me. I love the products, I love the concept and I love the company
Four time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington and 33Shake co-founder Warren Pole discuss nutrition
33Shake have produced a product that is honest, natural and very tasty. Finally, a product I look forward to tucking in to
33Shake’s Chia Energy Gel contains carbs, omega-3s and nine amino acids, all tailored for extreme endurance
The Speed King. What it’s like to ride side by side with the fastest cyclist on the planet, by 33Shake co-founder, Warren Pole
Top nutrition tips to get ultrarunners up to speed, by Warren Pole of 33Shake